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From: Helen Hughes


Make and fill these to give to your guests at the end of your Halloween party or have them ready for those trick or treaters!

You will need:

  • A4 Paper in assorted colours - eg lime green, orange, yellow or black
  • Scraps of paper in assorted colours (or gummed paper if available)
  • Double-sided adhesive tape or glue
  • Scissors and a pencil or a black pen
  • Small paper punches - eg star and leaf shapes


  1. Take a sheet of coloured A4 paper and place double-sided tape or glue along one of the short edges.

  2. Roll the sheet up into a cone starting from the other short edge and stick the cone together when you reach the sticky edge.

  3. Cut Halloween shapes from scraps of coloured paper or gummed paper and stick randomly onto the outside of the cone to decorate. It is also a good idea to stick one or two shapes to the inside top of the cone. See the examples below to get you started.

  4. Fill your cones with Halloween treats such as marshmallows or other sweets.

Example 1 (Left of picture):

Draw and cut out pumpkins from orange paper and add features with a black pen. Then punch out a few black leaf shapes using a mini paper punch and add these in between the pumpkin shapes.

Example 2 (Centre of picture):

Draw and cut out some simple witches' hats from black paper and punch out some small black star shapes using a mini paper punch. Stick the shapes randomly onto the cone.

Example 3 (Right of picture):

Draw and cut out some simple ghost shapes from white paper and draw on eyes and a mouth with a black pen. Next punch out a selection of small black and white stars using the mini paper punch and stick the shapes onto the cone.

For Halloween craft supplies, take a look at the Halloween page.


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Kids craft activities should always be supervised by an adult who must, at his/her own discretion,
decide whether or not particular activities are suitable for the child(ren) concerned.



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